Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

So I'm blogging twice in one day...why?


(this will not count as the "twice a week" post, I promise)

Now even though today is Halloween, every one knows the adults have Saturday night for their fun!

Went to a party where the theme was song titles.

Everyone came dressed up and it was a blast. We played twister, orange pass, and musical chairs.

It was some great adult fun.

I didn't take many pictures but there was a photo booth (via an iPad and a printer) and it was so much fun!

I went as "Let's Get Physical" but have NO pics of the costume. I suck and am still new to this putting pics on the blog thingy.

Here's some photo booth fun for your viewing pleasure :)


Enjoy the day beauties...

Starting again...

Hello blog world!

Last week was a great big week for me! A few things happened in my little internet life.

Someone is actually following my blog! eeeep *waves at Gentri Lee* :)

And I picked up a crazy amount of followers on Pinterest.

When I joined pinterest, I figured this will just be me pinning a bunch of things that I think are adorable and give me some inspiration to be more creative, a way for me to organize all my thoughts. And now I have followers! People who are interested in what inspires me. People that I actually don't know in real life! (I'm pathetic, it's true)

So here I am...writing my 5th blog post, and committing to you...all of you, my very first follower and also my future followers (fingers crossed, knock on wood and all those good things)

I promise to blog twice a week, at the very least. I aspire to blog more than that but I have to start somewhere.

I hope to make some new friends and have some good ol' fashion fun!

And follow me on pinterest here

take care beauties!