Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I just can't with this video. 

Is this just about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time? 

Without a doubt, YES! 

She was scared of the "fireworks" going off and her dad distracts her, playing this song for her. 

I just fall in love with the idea of a little girl someday and her sweet little daddy making sure she thinks good thoughts. 

Hope your Tuesday is off to a good start! 

Toodles :) 

Monday, September 16, 2013

love letters

Today's blogtember challenge is to write a love letter of any kind. I must write this letter to my love because he so deserves it.

My dearest love, 

I hope you know how much I adore you. You mean so much to me. 

We had a great love affair for a while a long time ago. Our love was one of a kind. It was one people dreamed about. Others looked at us and we were envied. We laughed, we snuggled, we romanced, we stood by each other. 

Then one day, you were gone. We were no longer. 

I was destroyed. 

But now you are back! Oh I could not ask for anything else in this life. That "one of a kind" love is back. People say great loves don't happen twice...but my friends, they do.

We are back and better than ever. I know sometimes I can be somewhat super frustrating to deal with. And you don't even "deal with me" or "put up with me." You can actually soothe me in ways no one else can.

We are a team.

You are my number one. My best friend and my lover. What could be better than that?

You are an amazing person. You are so loving and caring and genuine. You are brave even though you don't think so. When we met again, you took a chance. You left a comfortable (all be it, unhappy) life and gave this another try even though I said if we do this, this is it, which is scary and intimidating, I know.

And you know what? This IS it.

You took the best chance on us. Thank you for coming back to me.

You are so passionate about so many things. Your passion strikes a passion in me.

You got comfortable for so long in a job you didn't like and a relationship you weren't sure about. Then, you just decided one day, there I was, and you made moves and decisions and now look at you!

You are amazing! I wouldn't say you are too happy in this job but you are making changes! You are making an impact on that company and trying to make it better. You are also making your self a better person. Gaining experience. On the track to do something extraordinary in your life.

I could not be prouder.

I am so happy to know you, love you and lucky to be loved by you.

Thank you dudey

Thursday, September 5, 2013

good advice

woooooo! I've made it this far in Blogtember!

trust me, this is a feat within itself, in my mind at least :P 

today's topic is useful advice I always remember. 

why not just be good at what you do every day? this advice is so meaningful to me because we change what we are all the time. 

I don't take this advice as just career advice. Whatever I am (an Accounting Manager), be a good one. NO WAY! I mean I do try to be a good one :) it is my job after all. 

But why should I only be good at doing my job? 

I am a friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister, dog owner and most of all a person. 

why not be good at all of those things? 

why not just be a good person overall? 

step back and just think for a second...

whatever you are, be a good one

that is some pretty well rounded advice that can be applied to most anything and I take it to heart. 

It's not always easy. 

but most of the best stuff isn't :) 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3 months to do whatever I wanted?

What would I do with 3 months off from my current life to do anything in the world? 

THAT is a hard question. I could do anything in the world? Anything I wanted to? My goodness. The possibilities are endless. How can I decide which dream to choose from? 

Do I get away? Do I stay and enjoy my family and friends? I literally am not sure I could decide. 

Jenny says she would live in New York City and explore all the city has to offer. That sounds like a good plan to me. 

But so does everything all of you say you would do if money was no object!

I'm sure I would travel the world. See all the beauty this earth and the people have to offer. 

The very first places I would go would be in the US. Our country has so much to offer! 

Museums and Theaters in New York City. 

The redwoods in California.

Chicago, just this city is beautiful.

Washington, DC, the culture here and the cherry blossoms. 

I mean, what better place to start with then the beauty that we call home. There is so much to see. I know I have not seen enough of the beauty here in the US. I think I need to get out there...

who's with me? :) 

Blogtember - where I came from

hi peeps

it has been WELL over a year since I have blogged

forgive me, please? 

it has been a BUSY year...if you did read my blog or are just stopping by. last summer there was this old friend, i wasn't sure i should let back into my life....more about that later :) 

I am joining in with Jenny from Story of My Life on her Blogtember mission. 

I desparately want to get back into blogging as I am hoping it will get the thoughts of my little tiny brain :) 

First up is where I came from. I'm a day late, usually am always late so bare with me, please?

the people in the above photo are my parents! 

they are molded me into the human being I am today. I would not be who I am or where I am without their help and perseverance. My mom is Italian and my dad is Colombian. 

What a combo, right?!

Well my mom grew up very independent. The middle child of 5 (she still suffers from middle child syndrome) she has worked hard for everything in her life. She always instilled in me that you can have it all. Career, family, just everything. She is in sales, I honestly don't know how she does it. I now have this wonderful career, not in sales (thank goodness), but as an Accounting Manager. I wouldn't have worked so hard if not for her. 

My dad moved to the US when he was 13. The oldest of 5 (both parents came from a big fam) he has worked hard to help his parents make sure his brothers and sister were taken care of. He taught me to not take guff from anyone! He doesn't stand for anything but best and neither will I. 

I am a loving, caring, tough cookie thanks to these two. Now we can do fun things together, like go pub crawling! Now that is a sight. Mom drinks like a fish, dad rolls his eyes. These two crack me up but no matter how much they make me crazy, I'd say they did a pretty good job with me! And my sister too I guess. :) 

If you haven't already, link up with Jenny from Story of My Life. She is just lovely. 

And if you are here from her blog, welcome!