Monday, February 27, 2012

once upon a time...

so i am pretty enthralled by the once upon a time series on abc

seriously, you have to watch it. it brings all our old time fairy tales to life and we get a glimpse of real life with these unknowing characters. i love finding out a little bit more each week. 

so naturally when i was waiting in line at the bookstore to purchase a new series to finish in a week read and saw a book called "Fairest of All" with the queen's picture on the cover, i had to buy it! 

literally read chapter one last night, and so far i feel for the queen. don't know how she turns wicked yet (there are 23 chapters) but she seems sweet and unknowing of her inevitable wickedness. 

i am hoping that this book gives me my own insight to the queen and i can start relaying that insight to the show. 

i mean i know all the back stories to my favorites like beauty and the beast, cinderella, snow white, and little red riding hood but why not the queen?

even though i'm not her biggest fan, i still think i should know her back story....

because doesn't everyone deserve a chance? 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

loving life...

most recently i have been feeling like this...

i want to embrace this life to the absolute fullest

seriously making the best out of it all, no regrets, no take backs, only moving forward and embracing everything i do 

it sure does and i am taking the leap...

see you later comfort zone! i'll catch ya on the flip side!

love is where the action is, so do it. love everything, everyone all the time

spread the love in your life, you will be better for it :) 

Friday, February 17, 2012


it's the weekend! 

thank goodness

dear friday (after work), 

i have been waiting for you since sunday evening. it's been a long road but you have finally arrived. you mean the world to me. never leave, k? 

sincerely, me :) 

on another note, i am going to hit the mall with my sister like we are teenagers, and then i will come home and clean this hurricane of a room....

that's not mine, and mine's not that messy clean...wish me luck!

have a darling weekend beauties!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


i've had the white iphone now for almost a year

and i am just absolutely in love with it! 

sometimes i think "i'm not single, i have my iphone" (crazy lady, right here)

seriously, this phone is beautiful. i adore it in white but everyone knows you need a cover

i have had the same cover since the day i bought the phone, this boring purply pink cover..blah

so i have been shopping around and have found a few i just adore from soceity 6

aren't these just darling?!? 

Dandelion Clock iPhone Case

Mustache Mania iPhone Case

put your records on iPhone Case

s t r e n g t h iPhone Case

her daily motivation iPhone Case

Pontoon iPhone Case

Towering Poppies iPhone Case

what a great adventure iPhone Case

i mean, how is a girl to pick just one?!???!?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day...

happy valentine's day all you beauties out there 

i've never really paid particularly much attention to this day...

but people really enjoy it, so i spread the lurve :) 

i bought my girls (dance club) valentine's, nerd ones to be more exact

not these (although i do love a good nerd card)...

but more along the line of these...

they say cute things like "love the nerd in you"

which i do :) 

have a wonderful tuesday! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

valentine's swap

hello sunshines :) 

a few weeks back, i participated in a valentine's day sway and today is the reveal! 

i was paired with this lovely lady, tracy from Honey & Nutmeg

(she's a furmom, how cute, right?!)

well, i have to say i was excited to get matched with someone, this being my first swap and all, and i just happen to get matched with someone from Massachusetts! what a teeny tiny world we live in!!

Tracy and i hit it off without a doubt. and everything she sent me went straight to my hips heart!

my treats! 

the pretty wrapping job, the swedish fish, the burt's bees, chocolate, and that nail color! 

(don't mind the terrible manicure job i did on myself, this is why i don't participate in the nail files every week, but i'm working on it, ok?)

girl, you went straight to my heart with the swedish fish, the nail color and that owl adorable!

thank you tracy for making my first swap such an easy and fantastic experience!

my first swap was absolutely wonderful! thank you tara, meg, and celia

can't wait for the next one :) 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


doesn't music just take you somewhere else entirely?

i recently stumbled upon this song (thank you pandora)

and i am in loooooooove....

the voice, the lyrics...

but seriously, a song you've listened to a thousand times or even just heard for the first time can take you right back to a certain memory...

i could never live in a world without would be like a world with no emotions...

do you have a song that take you back?