Thursday, February 16, 2012


i've had the white iphone now for almost a year

and i am just absolutely in love with it! 

sometimes i think "i'm not single, i have my iphone" (crazy lady, right here)

seriously, this phone is beautiful. i adore it in white but everyone knows you need a cover

i have had the same cover since the day i bought the phone, this boring purply pink cover..blah

so i have been shopping around and have found a few i just adore from soceity 6

aren't these just darling?!? 

Dandelion Clock iPhone Case

Mustache Mania iPhone Case

put your records on iPhone Case

s t r e n g t h iPhone Case

her daily motivation iPhone Case

Pontoon iPhone Case

Towering Poppies iPhone Case

what a great adventure iPhone Case

i mean, how is a girl to pick just one?!???!?


Sandra said...

I agree! I'm always have an eye out for a new cover. And I go back and forth bc the phone is so pretty that i think, why do I even cover it?

Miss Honey and Nutmeg said...

I just purchased a leopard print Kate Spade case! These cases are from Society 6 right? I was going to get one but I googled about the quality and decided against it. I found this article!

arianapia said...

i know! but i have to cover it, i am quite the clutz!!

arianapia said...

thank you for article! that'll make me think twice...but the prints are so adorable!

Ashley said...

SO cute!! but i'm in love with the mustache one!!

Deidre said...

The mustache one cracks me up! I'm getting an iphone this weekend (my first smart phone) and I'm so excited, but I have to say I'm nervous about buying a good cover for it!