bucket list

these are just a few hopes and dreams to conquer in this crazy beautiful life

1. travel to Europe
2. go on a solo vacation
3. go to Colombia
4. have a family
5. take a random road trip
6. read 50 books in one year
7. have insane courage for at least 20 seconds
8. design my house the way i want
9. keep my room clean for more than a week
10. see one musical every year
11. become part of this amazing community & make blog friends
12. kayak...a lot
13. buy my perfect bike
14. learn how to ski/snowboard
15. face my fear of ending up alone
16. spend a weekend in NYC
17. buy Christian Louboutins for my 35th
18. take outfit pictures of myself and do an outfit post
19. tell important people what they mean to me
20. be kind to all, even if I'm not their biggest fan
21. ride in a hot air balloon
22. own a horse/make horseback riding a consistent hobby
23. have my very own blate
24. travel to all 7 continents
25. go on dates
26. get a dog
27. go to Alaska and Hawaii
28. spread kindness to all 
29. make 20 strangers friends every year
30. get 2 tattoos in

this list will continue to grow as will i :) 

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