Friday, June 29, 2012

friday's letters 7.0

welcome back for another session of friday's letters (favorite day of the week, obvs)


dearest new glasses, 
you are the greatest! you make everything brighter for everyone around. thanks for the smiles on all the faces i see :)


dearest little dino, 
you are the perfect addition to our little zoo we have going on in our living room. although, you do look really tiny next to your giraffe friend!


dearest week, 
so glad you are over

dearest friday, 
usually i like you but today you are stressing me out! i know it's not you, it's other people being anxious but i don't like it! tell them to chill out and relax 'cause you are here! 

dearest 4th of july, 
i am SO ready for you. couple days off to spend with family and friends. thank you very much!

dearest girlfriends, 
can't wait to drive 6 hours in a car with 5 people...this should be interesting. and all to see one of our friends get hitched. woot road trip!

have a wonderful weekend sweets! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

case of the mondays

the beginning of this week, i struggled...monday, tuesday, and wednesday!

you could say i've had a case of the mondays for 3 days now...boooooo

"ari, how is that different from every other week" you ask?

welp, on monday my lips are burnt and i am over abusing my chapstick because of it

my hair was unwashed until yesterday morning from a particularly hot and curly day on sunday #thankgoodnessforbraids #imlazy

no idea it was supposed to rain monday, i was wearing white and didn't bring a jacket

i just wasn't feeling tuesday

really last night turned it all around for me. i went to a last minute dinner with some lovely ladies and it really let me sit back and say "wow, i really enjoy this life when i basque in it's joys" (i didn't literally say this out loud, though i kind of wish i did) 

this week i've dressed for how i want to feel (i try to do this everyday) but this week it helped to feel nice in what i was wearing. just realized that i wore white everyday this week so far

i just love white on a summer day. white and summer go hand in hand for me. 


#shopping love this new top

I've worn white everyday this week

i really have to learn to use the self timer on my camera....i guess i should find my camera first...#ihatemirrorpics

have a lovely thursday sweets! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

friday's letters 6.0

hello again :) if you don't already, you should go link up with ashley
but i think most of you came from there anyway! :)


dearest dad, 
i hope you appreciated the amount of effort it took to get my sister to help with that table. blood.sweat.tears(oflaughter)

dearest hair,
sometimes you are frizzier and poofier than you need to be, especially with this heat. knock it off.

dearest car insurance,
i'm not paying the $500.00 deductible. the little old lady side swiped my sister and pushed her into the guardrail. it is her fault. yes i feel bad but i don't want my wallet to feel the pain as well.

dearest friends,
thank you for asking me for styling advice. you make me feel so cool :)

dearest boy that i used to know,
we see each other every weekend but we don't look at each other, we don't speak and you don't deserve me, but i miss you anyway

dearest spartans,
i am excited for your opening weekend with our friends & family <3 you've all worked so hard, but keep on truckin' :) 

dearest life,
i am so thankful for all you bring, although i don't express that all the time. you are good to me. forgive me for focusing on the troublesome bits and pieces. i will do my best to refocus my attention

dearest self,
refocus your energies. sometimes you waste it. enjoy this life and all it has to offer! you are a good person, start to believe it! 

have a wonderful weekend sweets :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


it's no secret around my family and friends that i am obsessed with clothes and shoes
so i guess i'm coming out to the blog world?


seriously, i have a problem but i embrace it rather than shun it

i mean, clothes can make you feel beautiful, they can comfort you when you don't feel good, make you warm when you are cold. they do a lot! 

i've sort of been having a style debate

i'm not sure i stick to one style. actually, i know i don't

but here's my question...

why should we? 

i used to be a tom boy until my early twenties

and then i had a big breakup (duh), lost some weight and decided i would embrace some new clothes and explore some fashion sense (my sister was thrilled)

and i haven't look back since!

White jeans
wearing my much love illy headband :)

same pose everytime...boring

i mean, i'm definitely no fashionista or style blogger

i just like to have fun with it! shouldn't we all? :)

Monday, June 18, 2012


oh monday...

you are just a total buzzkill sometimes! 

this weekend was spent teaching (like always), dancing, day dreaming, nightmaring, parading, father's daying...

it definitely had it's ups and downs but i like to concentrate on the ups :) 

warmth of the sun - my favorite

new lace shorts from urban <3

a family of turkeys crossing the street in brookline made my heart happy :) 

putting together this gem with my sister for father's day, quite eventful

my sister so happy that it is finally done and she can sit in the shade

putting together this table with her was quite the trip. she had me giggling so hard, i was snorting, tears streaming down my cheeks and belly aching. 

we are complete opposites, her and i

i love nature, the sun, being outside, laying in the grass...

she had a vitamin d deficiency from lack of sun exposure, hates the heat, despises bugs...

but she toughed it out and put together this table with me and enjoyed a little family dinner outside, all while making me pee my pants!

overall, this weekend was a keeper...hope yours was too sweets! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

friday's letters 5.0


here we are again! 

dearest work, 
you are about to get REAL busy on

dearest anxiety, 
you aren't too kind when work gets busy. ease up, okay?

dearest friends, 
haven't seen any of you this week, let's be friends again. honestly, this being busy thing is not sitting well with me!

dearest body, 
the time is coming to get some new ink. be prepared! 

dearest urban outfitters dress, 
you make me feel skinny and tan. mucho thanks! :) 

dearest sun, 
i think i proposed in a previous letter. what do you think? let's get married..mmmmkay? :)

dearest ashley
i received my much love illy headbands that i won through her giveaway on your blog. i am in loooooooooove <3

happy friday sweets! make it a good one :) 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

an actual outfit post (that you can barely see)

today i decided i would do an outfit post 'cause really, why not? 

you can barely see the picture but this dress is pretty awesome. i got it a few months ago over the winter but this was the first time i wore it. 

don't mind my doorknob, promise i'll get better at taking self portraits

i wasn't too sure about the high low skirt when i first bought it, but it was on sale so i bought it anyway #can'tturndownasale

i don't think it looks terrible at all and i actually received a ton of compliments on it. dress is from francesca's and the shoes are steve madden probably from 2003 or 2004

the dress was a bit off the shoulder as well, which i didn't know until yesterday, and of course made me love it even more, 'cause i do like to show a little bare shoulder :0P

in other news, i am obsessed with shoes (isn't every girl?) and bought another pair this weekend. i saw these in store and after seeing a few of you bloggers rock them, i just had to get them myself


shoes from zara

i just think they are so sexy. i love feet (is that gross?) and i think a good shoe makes feet look so alluring and attractive

and to make this post completely random, last night we found a slug in the grass

how cute is that little guy? i wouldn't touch him (gross) but i do like to observe a good bug. his eyes and antennas were inside his body and then came out when he started exploring the pole we had him on. he was very entertaining for longer than he should have been, that is for sure!

ended the night laying in the grass, does it get better?!

Monday, June 11, 2012

seems to me...

...there is a bit of relationship talk going around with people my age...

i'm 29, it's about that time to settle down, right? 

i always thought so. but here i am. single as they come. damaged, broken, carrying baggage...but here's the thing...aren't we all carrying some sort of baggage?

i am a pretty happy person, until i'm faced with the fact that the last 2 guys i dated left me for someone better different. 

this is a harsh reality to deal with. the first of the two, we can call him B, is a good person. he just fell out of love with me, i guess. i was younger and doing the things i loved. i thought he loved them too but he was never interested in participating with me. did he resent me for doing what he chose not to do? no idea. 

regardless, we are no longer a "we" and it's for the best so they say

as for the second of the two, referred to by the letter D. he is not a good person. D gives off good person vibes, seems sweet and understanding, gives you a peek into his softer side. but alas, there is no such thing. 

i'm not even sure D has ever really loved anyone is his life. he has a girlfriend now, whom we both know and have worked with, when i wasn't worthy for so long. 

D always said we were good friends, wanted to be the best of friends. but he has no idea how to be just friends with the ladies. 

is it that hard? can a boy and a girl be just friends


i say absolutely. i have many guy friends that i just adore dearly and that's all we've ever been and will ever be.

is it wrong to be attracted to your friends of the opposite sex? i say definitely not! attraction is an emotion that we should feel daily! 

like D, some people just don't know how to not cross that line between friendship and more than friends. 

physical relationships between friends just don't turn out well if you don't end up together. someone will always get hurt. in this case, it was me. 

D, i am more hurt i lost you as friend than anything else. 

i've only ever loved 3 people in this life and i will carry them in my heart for always. 

will i settle down and get married? i have no idea. 

do i want to? absolutely. do i deserve to? doesn't everyone?

dearest next love, i am excited to fall for you but it won't be an easy fall


Friday, June 8, 2012

friday's letters 4.0


dearest friday,
thank the heavens you are here! the week was pretty fun filled and jam packed so i didn't mind it but something about you is just so alluring ;) 

dearest mint pants, 
you make me SO happy when i put you on. you just light up the whole room. marry me, okay?

dearest boy from saturday night,
it was lovely meeting you for a drink on monday but if we go out again can we please meet earlier than 9:30 on a school night? i am a nana and like to go to bed pretty early!

dearest co-workers, 
it's nice when you do your job the right way so i can do was not one of those days, just saying

dearest sun, 
it's been a while since you came out in good old MA. it's nice to see you this morning. i missed you so! 

dearest you, 
you are lovely, beautiful, smart, and bright. keep on, keepin' on! 

dearest self, 
you are you and that is the greatest. thanks for sneaking back, don't ever leave, okaaayyy?? 

you should link up as well! happy friday!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

i have a problem...

i am in love with j. bieber

i know! it's terrible isn't it? i mean how can you not just love this kid!? 

i just think he is the absolute cutest thing to hit the music scene. his songs make me happy and i belt them out in the car

i smile like i fool when one of his songs come on my ipod (yes i have his music on my ipod, i can't help myself!)

just listen to this song and tell me it doesn't make you happy...

and then i found this choreography video to the song 

and now i just imagine the biebs dancing around, singing to his girl, selena

because obviously i feel like i know them after watching this video

i don't know what usher did with j. biebs but he knows EXACTLY what he's doing!

Monday, June 4, 2012

it all started with a spot on the street

this past weekend was pretty awesome. 


i didn't do much but what i did do was pretty great. 

i taught friday night and saturday all day (this is per the usual in the summer) 

saturday night we went out for one of my girlfriend's birthdays. (i have no pictures from this event as i suck big time)

all the ladies and some of the gents went out around 9. the thing is i teach in nashua, nh until 9:30 which is about 45 minutes from great old boston. 

after getting ready and heading out to boston at around 10, i was tired, exhausted, all be it a little cranky, and in NO mood to find a parking spot, i drove to the seaport for some fun. 

and what happens...i find ON STREET PARKING at 10:45 at night! i'm thinking this is the best thing to happen to me in a looooooong while, so i happily get out of the car and with a swing in my step head to the bar....

to wait in line for 20 minutes while all my friends are inside...womp

but i meet some funny guys in line and we talk about the distaste they have for gladiator sandals

no idea a gent could have such a bad taste in their mouth for a ladies' shoe!

regardless i get inside and hang with some of my friends for a bit, i give a pretty sweet rendition of whitney's greatest love of all, which they actually played in the bar, to the birthday girl

and i somehow get asked for my number, not once but twice! this, my friends, NEVER happens to me. boys don't talk to me in bars. i guess i'm unapproachable? disinterested? 

no idea.

but they don't talk to me. it must have been the magical white pants i had on. 

seriously, the pants drew them in. 

also, as i'm walking to my car at 12:30, some boys pull over and proceed to ask me where i'm going next and how i look 20. boys you are so sweet but i'm a nana and headed home to sleep.

regardless, i gave the digits out twice; doubt i'll get any calls but it is quite flattering after all....

and the way i've been feeling lately, i needed the boost

thank you stars for aligning that night, and especially for the on street parking <3

Friday, June 1, 2012

friday's letters 3.0


dearest sign above, 
i am obsessed with you. i may need to buy you but i bought shoes instead so you will have to wait :) #shoe-aholic

dearest week,
you were a bit long at only 4 days but thank you for delivering friday 

dearest friends,
you guys make me feel like myself. and i always need that. you make me stop thinking about the bad and laugh, laugh, laugh. thanks for being you and for all the hangs we've been having!

dearest anthropologie dress, 
i CANNOT wait to wear you in july

dearest toes, 
i know i've been neglecting you. i will get you all prettied up soon. i promise!

dearest june 1st, 
where the heck did you come from? i am happy you are here but...

dearest time, 
please pass by more slowly. you are travelling too quick

happy friday you beautiful people, catch ya on the flip side!