Thursday, June 7, 2012

i have a problem...

i am in love with j. bieber

i know! it's terrible isn't it? i mean how can you not just love this kid!? 

i just think he is the absolute cutest thing to hit the music scene. his songs make me happy and i belt them out in the car

i smile like i fool when one of his songs come on my ipod (yes i have his music on my ipod, i can't help myself!)

just listen to this song and tell me it doesn't make you happy...

and then i found this choreography video to the song 

and now i just imagine the biebs dancing around, singing to his girl, selena

because obviously i feel like i know them after watching this video

i don't know what usher did with j. biebs but he knows EXACTLY what he's doing!


Bon Bon said...

I wasn't so sure about the Beibs, until I watched that Never Say Never movie. And then, I kinda had to give him some props! So talented! xoxo

His Little Lady said...

that call me maybe video cracks me up every time. just now getting around to hearing this new jb song. oh biebs!!
xo TJ

Ashley said...

um, that last video may be my favorite bieber invention ever ever ever!! love him too!

Rachelle said...

Everytime I heard about or saw Biebs I wanted to scream but lately, he's been growing on me. Lol!