Friday, June 22, 2012

friday's letters 6.0

hello again :) if you don't already, you should go link up with ashley
but i think most of you came from there anyway! :)


dearest dad, 
i hope you appreciated the amount of effort it took to get my sister to help with that table. blood.sweat.tears(oflaughter)

dearest hair,
sometimes you are frizzier and poofier than you need to be, especially with this heat. knock it off.

dearest car insurance,
i'm not paying the $500.00 deductible. the little old lady side swiped my sister and pushed her into the guardrail. it is her fault. yes i feel bad but i don't want my wallet to feel the pain as well.

dearest friends,
thank you for asking me for styling advice. you make me feel so cool :)

dearest boy that i used to know,
we see each other every weekend but we don't look at each other, we don't speak and you don't deserve me, but i miss you anyway

dearest spartans,
i am excited for your opening weekend with our friends & family <3 you've all worked so hard, but keep on truckin' :) 

dearest life,
i am so thankful for all you bring, although i don't express that all the time. you are good to me. forgive me for focusing on the troublesome bits and pieces. i will do my best to refocus my attention

dearest self,
refocus your energies. sometimes you waste it. enjoy this life and all it has to offer! you are a good person, start to believe it! 

have a wonderful weekend sweets :)


Cait said...

love this list girl :) happy friday and adorable blog by the way! xo

Carley said...

Awesome list! Have a great weekend!!! :)

Michelle said...

Bloody insurance companys, we pay them every year to look after us and the one time you claim they still want more money from us before theyll fix anything. No wonder they're so rich!
Saying hi from Fridays letters, hope your having a fab weekend

Robyn said...

ohh-so hard to see boys from the past

English Anderson said...

If you figure out how to depoof your hair, let me know? Mine is going all afro on me with this German humidity. Not that I would mind an just looks awkward with the ginger traits...

Ashley said...

totaly relate to the hair frizziness... why hair why?! haha

sorry about the car incident :( that stuff is not fun!!

hope you have a great week chica!

The Management said...

car insurance is seriously the worst.

I'm new here- your blog is sweet!