Wednesday, March 7, 2012


let's be honest, it's tough to have confidence these days

i go to blogger everyday, everyday people and i look at all the blogs i follow (there's a lot, okay?) and i see all these beautiful confident woman

doing their outfit posts 

or doing video tutorials or even videoing themselves dancing in a public bathroom! 

and i cannot get enough!
those are just 2 of the MANY!

these woman are so confident and that makes them even more beautiful than they really are

this little blog world has opened my eyes to becoming more confident in a way i wasn't sure i could before

 being comfortable in our skin is worth the shot, being who we are and want to be is worth every minute of the journey to get there!

and i plan on getting there...

chances are if you stumble upon this post, i follow you...

so thank you for the inspiration ladies!