Monday, January 23, 2012

wish {out loud} # 2

well...week # 2 for me! # 6 for this wonderful link up!

this link up is so great because it gives us the opportunity to help others fulfill their wishes while expressing your own!

i know i should have posted this yesterday but alas...something wonderful was happening and i just couldn't get to a computer :)

my wish this week...
please please please let yesterday's musings become reality...i've been patient :)
and to finally have my new apt together by saturday, yay for a hopefully productive week!

not many can help, but thoughts are greatly appreciated! <3

Thursday, January 19, 2012


to start off 2012 i decided to move out of my apt and leave the married couple behind...

this was a hard decision as i have lived with them for 4 years but one that needed to be made and dealt with

i love them dearly like my very own flesh and blood but my old apt just didn't feel like my space, i felt as though i couldn't have people over, couldn't watch what i wanted to watch...etc., etc.

so i am moving in with another single lady (now put yo' hands up!) and i am thrilled to be starting this new phase in life

the new place has "good chi" i've been told and that sounds very nice! it already feels comfortable and i am super psyched to get in there

thanks to my friend mike, i've moved a couple things in there, chair...dresser, but still have to get my bed in there and a few a lot more things out of the old and into the new

moving from an all carpeted place to a hardwood floor place has led me to the decision that i need an area rug for my living room...(excuses to buy things, blah blah)

My furniture is a beautiful shade of red microfiber...

and i thought this rug might go nicely with the furniture and the room...

but i might keep looking for now...

overall, i am absolutely excited about this new venture :)

2012 is the year...yay!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

wish! {out loud}

today i am linking up with Robin at fly far. fly free and a couple of her blogger friends

today, i wish the dance club i am trying to start at a local high school is well received
please let me have a decent amount of interest....i'll even take an over abundance :)
fingers crossed for a good informational meeting on the 23rd

you should check out the linky party! you know what you want to...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

blogging community

trying to get more involved in the blogging community by linking up to tara at fabulous but evil

this is quite exciting! check it out!



so if i ever decide to blog on this thing (i'm terribly at keeping promises to myself)

all of you readers (haha, yeah right) will understand that i have a slight major obsession with

seriously, is it possible to marry an inanimate object?

because i would marry these bad boys in a HEARTBEAT!

i will love and cherish you everyday. will you by mine forever?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new year, new hopes

Seriously, are not off to a bad start!

hung with some rather cool people this entire weekend, stayed up WAY too late and just had an all around good time with my darling friends <3

no pics because i have a terrible brain that just let's me have too much fun and doesn't remember to take enough any pictures....woops

but as the new year is upon us now, i sit and wonder....
should i resolve to resolve?

resolutions...they set us up for disappoint but i can't help to hope for certain things in 2012

like the hope of a possible new love, someone i don't even know yet maybe

or maybe it's the excitement of starting something new and i hope will pan out
(more to come on this later)

i don't resolve to do much in 2012 but make myself a better person because that is my greatest hope ever

if i did resolve to do anything it might be the majority of this list found here

2012...get ready because i plan on crushing you :)