Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new year, new hopes

Seriously, are not off to a bad start!

hung with some rather cool people this entire weekend, stayed up WAY too late and just had an all around good time with my darling friends <3

no pics because i have a terrible brain that just let's me have too much fun and doesn't remember to take enough any pictures....woops

but as the new year is upon us now, i sit and wonder....
should i resolve to resolve?

resolutions...they set us up for disappoint but i can't help to hope for certain things in 2012

like the hope of a possible new love, someone i don't even know yet maybe

or maybe it's the excitement of starting something new and i hope will pan out
(more to come on this later)

i don't resolve to do much in 2012 but make myself a better person because that is my greatest hope ever

if i did resolve to do anything it might be the majority of this list found here

2012...get ready because i plan on crushing you :) 

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