Monday, June 4, 2012

it all started with a spot on the street

this past weekend was pretty awesome. 


i didn't do much but what i did do was pretty great. 

i taught friday night and saturday all day (this is per the usual in the summer) 

saturday night we went out for one of my girlfriend's birthdays. (i have no pictures from this event as i suck big time)

all the ladies and some of the gents went out around 9. the thing is i teach in nashua, nh until 9:30 which is about 45 minutes from great old boston. 

after getting ready and heading out to boston at around 10, i was tired, exhausted, all be it a little cranky, and in NO mood to find a parking spot, i drove to the seaport for some fun. 

and what happens...i find ON STREET PARKING at 10:45 at night! i'm thinking this is the best thing to happen to me in a looooooong while, so i happily get out of the car and with a swing in my step head to the bar....

to wait in line for 20 minutes while all my friends are inside...womp

but i meet some funny guys in line and we talk about the distaste they have for gladiator sandals

no idea a gent could have such a bad taste in their mouth for a ladies' shoe!

regardless i get inside and hang with some of my friends for a bit, i give a pretty sweet rendition of whitney's greatest love of all, which they actually played in the bar, to the birthday girl

and i somehow get asked for my number, not once but twice! this, my friends, NEVER happens to me. boys don't talk to me in bars. i guess i'm unapproachable? disinterested? 

no idea.

but they don't talk to me. it must have been the magical white pants i had on. 

seriously, the pants drew them in. 

also, as i'm walking to my car at 12:30, some boys pull over and proceed to ask me where i'm going next and how i look 20. boys you are so sweet but i'm a nana and headed home to sleep.

regardless, i gave the digits out twice; doubt i'll get any calls but it is quite flattering after all....

and the way i've been feeling lately, i needed the boost

thank you stars for aligning that night, and especially for the on street parking <3


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. that would totally be me, standing in line making new friends, talking about shoes. why not? life is too short. ;)

Raven said...

ok I totally had to laugh a little at this post, esp your enthusiasm for "on street parking" ha!! That is definitely something we small town folks never have to worry about :) sounds like your weekend was all sorts of fun!!!

Alivia said...

Hey gurl haaayy! Haha, that's awesome! Love a little boost of confidence like this. And you never get asked for your number? It's because they are scared. Seriously, they are intimidated by your loveliness :)