Wednesday, June 13, 2012

an actual outfit post (that you can barely see)

today i decided i would do an outfit post 'cause really, why not? 

you can barely see the picture but this dress is pretty awesome. i got it a few months ago over the winter but this was the first time i wore it. 

don't mind my doorknob, promise i'll get better at taking self portraits

i wasn't too sure about the high low skirt when i first bought it, but it was on sale so i bought it anyway #can'tturndownasale

i don't think it looks terrible at all and i actually received a ton of compliments on it. dress is from francesca's and the shoes are steve madden probably from 2003 or 2004

the dress was a bit off the shoulder as well, which i didn't know until yesterday, and of course made me love it even more, 'cause i do like to show a little bare shoulder :0P

in other news, i am obsessed with shoes (isn't every girl?) and bought another pair this weekend. i saw these in store and after seeing a few of you bloggers rock them, i just had to get them myself


shoes from zara

i just think they are so sexy. i love feet (is that gross?) and i think a good shoe makes feet look so alluring and attractive

and to make this post completely random, last night we found a slug in the grass

how cute is that little guy? i wouldn't touch him (gross) but i do like to observe a good bug. his eyes and antennas were inside his body and then came out when he started exploring the pole we had him on. he was very entertaining for longer than he should have been, that is for sure!

ended the night laying in the grass, does it get better?!


Daisy said...

Haha, you're hilarious, and yes a little weird. I don't like feet the totally gross me out. My husband loves to put his in my face, so maybe that's why. Haha

Ashley said...

LOVE the high-low skirt trend and it looks fab on you!! girl i take the worst self pics too - this is the sole reason i need a man/boyfriend/husband/photographer in my life! haha

love the dress. good choice!