Friday, June 8, 2012

friday's letters 4.0


dearest friday,
thank the heavens you are here! the week was pretty fun filled and jam packed so i didn't mind it but something about you is just so alluring ;) 

dearest mint pants, 
you make me SO happy when i put you on. you just light up the whole room. marry me, okay?

dearest boy from saturday night,
it was lovely meeting you for a drink on monday but if we go out again can we please meet earlier than 9:30 on a school night? i am a nana and like to go to bed pretty early!

dearest co-workers, 
it's nice when you do your job the right way so i can do was not one of those days, just saying

dearest sun, 
it's been a while since you came out in good old MA. it's nice to see you this morning. i missed you so! 

dearest you, 
you are lovely, beautiful, smart, and bright. keep on, keepin' on! 

dearest self, 
you are you and that is the greatest. thanks for sneaking back, don't ever leave, okaaayyy?? 

you should link up as well! happy friday!

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Rachelle said...

Found you from Aventures of Newlyweds! Loved your letters. Have a great weekend. :)