Friday, June 1, 2012

friday's letters 3.0


dearest sign above, 
i am obsessed with you. i may need to buy you but i bought shoes instead so you will have to wait :) #shoe-aholic

dearest week,
you were a bit long at only 4 days but thank you for delivering friday 

dearest friends,
you guys make me feel like myself. and i always need that. you make me stop thinking about the bad and laugh, laugh, laugh. thanks for being you and for all the hangs we've been having!

dearest anthropologie dress, 
i CANNOT wait to wear you in july

dearest toes, 
i know i've been neglecting you. i will get you all prettied up soon. i promise!

dearest june 1st, 
where the heck did you come from? i am happy you are here but...

dearest time, 
please pass by more slowly. you are travelling too quick

happy friday you beautiful people, catch ya on the flip side! 


Melissa said...

Um... Anthropologie dress? Photo please! That's my favorite store!

Stopping by from Friday's Letters!

Bethany said...

seriously, how is it june? love that sign too!!!

Jes said...

keep calm and buy shoes, INDEEED!

Danielle said...

Ooo that sign!! Love me a good pair of sassy heels. Your blog is adorable!