Thursday, June 28, 2012

case of the mondays

the beginning of this week, i struggled...monday, tuesday, and wednesday!

you could say i've had a case of the mondays for 3 days now...boooooo

"ari, how is that different from every other week" you ask?

welp, on monday my lips are burnt and i am over abusing my chapstick because of it

my hair was unwashed until yesterday morning from a particularly hot and curly day on sunday #thankgoodnessforbraids #imlazy

no idea it was supposed to rain monday, i was wearing white and didn't bring a jacket

i just wasn't feeling tuesday

really last night turned it all around for me. i went to a last minute dinner with some lovely ladies and it really let me sit back and say "wow, i really enjoy this life when i basque in it's joys" (i didn't literally say this out loud, though i kind of wish i did) 

this week i've dressed for how i want to feel (i try to do this everyday) but this week it helped to feel nice in what i was wearing. just realized that i wore white everyday this week so far

i just love white on a summer day. white and summer go hand in hand for me. 


#shopping love this new top

I've worn white everyday this week

i really have to learn to use the self timer on my camera....i guess i should find my camera first...#ihatemirrorpics

have a lovely thursday sweets! 


Lindsay said...

I found your blog through Erica at Young and Fabulous and wanted to say hi! I'm a Boston blogger as well :)

And let me just say that I've felt EXACTLY the same as you about this week. It has seriously been neverending. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!

(I also love all of these outfits - yay for mirror pictures, I do the same haha)

The Cavallaro's said...

I love love LOVE all of your outfits and pretty much your whole style!