Wednesday, June 20, 2012


it's no secret around my family and friends that i am obsessed with clothes and shoes
so i guess i'm coming out to the blog world?


seriously, i have a problem but i embrace it rather than shun it

i mean, clothes can make you feel beautiful, they can comfort you when you don't feel good, make you warm when you are cold. they do a lot! 

i've sort of been having a style debate

i'm not sure i stick to one style. actually, i know i don't

but here's my question...

why should we? 

i used to be a tom boy until my early twenties

and then i had a big breakup (duh), lost some weight and decided i would embrace some new clothes and explore some fashion sense (my sister was thrilled)

and i haven't look back since!

White jeans
wearing my much love illy headband :)

same pose everytime...boring

i mean, i'm definitely no fashionista or style blogger

i just like to have fun with it! shouldn't we all? :)

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H. said...

Love your style!