Monday, February 27, 2012

once upon a time...

so i am pretty enthralled by the once upon a time series on abc

seriously, you have to watch it. it brings all our old time fairy tales to life and we get a glimpse of real life with these unknowing characters. i love finding out a little bit more each week. 

so naturally when i was waiting in line at the bookstore to purchase a new series to finish in a week read and saw a book called "Fairest of All" with the queen's picture on the cover, i had to buy it! 

literally read chapter one last night, and so far i feel for the queen. don't know how she turns wicked yet (there are 23 chapters) but she seems sweet and unknowing of her inevitable wickedness. 

i am hoping that this book gives me my own insight to the queen and i can start relaying that insight to the show. 

i mean i know all the back stories to my favorites like beauty and the beast, cinderella, snow white, and little red riding hood but why not the queen?

even though i'm not her biggest fan, i still think i should know her back story....

because doesn't everyone deserve a chance? 

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