Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3 months to do whatever I wanted?

What would I do with 3 months off from my current life to do anything in the world? 

THAT is a hard question. I could do anything in the world? Anything I wanted to? My goodness. The possibilities are endless. How can I decide which dream to choose from? 

Do I get away? Do I stay and enjoy my family and friends? I literally am not sure I could decide. 

Jenny says she would live in New York City and explore all the city has to offer. That sounds like a good plan to me. 

But so does everything all of you say you would do if money was no object!

I'm sure I would travel the world. See all the beauty this earth and the people have to offer. 

The very first places I would go would be in the US. Our country has so much to offer! 

Museums and Theaters in New York City. 

The redwoods in California.

Chicago, just this city is beautiful.

Washington, DC, the culture here and the cherry blossoms. 

I mean, what better place to start with then the beauty that we call home. There is so much to see. I know I have not seen enough of the beauty here in the US. I think I need to get out there...

who's with me? :) 


Maggie @ Simplicity Beautiful Blog said...

Yeah as part of my plan, I would love to visit NYC and Washington DC too! I didn't know DC has cherry blossom until I saw pictures in Pinterest today while doing my post.

Enjoyed your post! See you tmr! (●⌒∇⌒●)

Alyson said...

Agreed. There is SO much beauty in this country. If I wasn't so set on traveling through Europe and the rest of the world during my hypothetical "3 months off" I would def take the time to drive across the country and hopefully spend at least one night in each state so that I can say I have been there.