Thursday, September 5, 2013

good advice

woooooo! I've made it this far in Blogtember!

trust me, this is a feat within itself, in my mind at least :P 

today's topic is useful advice I always remember. 

why not just be good at what you do every day? this advice is so meaningful to me because we change what we are all the time. 

I don't take this advice as just career advice. Whatever I am (an Accounting Manager), be a good one. NO WAY! I mean I do try to be a good one :) it is my job after all. 

But why should I only be good at doing my job? 

I am a friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister, dog owner and most of all a person. 

why not be good at all of those things? 

why not just be a good person overall? 

step back and just think for a second...

whatever you are, be a good one

that is some pretty well rounded advice that can be applied to most anything and I take it to heart. 

It's not always easy. 

but most of the best stuff isn't :) 


1 comment:

itbritt said...

I needed this reminder, so thanks.
I think that often I get to comparing myself with others: teachers, travelers, etc.

I just need to do me - best.