Thursday, April 21, 2011

first post....woah

Hello bloggers and bloggettes! This is the very bare bones of a work in progress, MY LIFE! :)

See here's the thing, I use the internet for EVERYTHING. I'm talking every little darn thing that goes through my mind.

Want a fun new recipe to make for a party....Google it.

Want to know good ways to organize my closet....Google it.

Want to know mostly anything in the world.....Google it.

So one day I'm snooping around that crazy thing called the world wide web looking for one of my crazy DIY  ideas and I stumble upon this lovely blog, Maegan. She has these amazing DIY tutorials for hair and designer clothes, name it, she DIYed it! I couldn't and can't get enough of her!

After that I just kept stumbling along all these fantastic blogs. Fashion blogs, DIY blogs, recipe blogs, and life blogs.  One day (soon, I hope) I'll figure out how to do a blog roll and you can check out my faves there. :)

So I created this account to have a one stop shop for all my favorites and that "Create a Blog" link always plagued me. Should I do it? Will anyone visit? Will I be judged? Will anyone make fun of my silly blog?

And then I thought to myself WHO CARES?!? This is my life and if I want to start a blog, I will!

So here it is, my little blog about anything and everything! I plan on participating in a lot of my favorite blogs daily blogs and to toss in some of my own craziness!

I'm just hoping this blog helps me appreciate all life has to offer!

Smell ya latah! :)

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