Tuesday, November 8, 2011

weekend lovelies

this weekend was spent sleeping, reading, coaching, driving, singing, dog walking, crafting

all lovely things, indeed

Friday was "Halloween" in my boss's and aun't neighborhood since there was no power on actual Halloween. I didn't dress up but I hung around with some skeletons and mummies. All I snacked on was candy, onion dip, and wine. Ahhhh I'm such a healthy eater (bahahaha)

Sometimes I coach colorguard. Oh yeah, I'm a band geek. I coach at a regional school in MA and I have 11 girls (there I am with them up there!). They are the BOMB! I love them all so dearly. It's basically dancing with flags, rifles, and sabre. Maybe I'll post a video on here someday. So we had our state finals on Saturday and they won the show! How cute are they, honestly?!??

This is the end of their show. It's a trip through "The Gallery"

Sunday was spent dog sitting a friend's pup. He is only 4 months old. How cute is this fella, huh?

Well, we went for car rides, a short walk and then a hike! It was such a beautiful New England day here, we just had to be outside.

it truly was a lovely weekend. Was it just as lovely for you? :)

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