Thursday, December 22, 2011

new day, new dawn, new life for me.....

And I'm feelin' gooooooooooooood....

The end of the year 2011 is approaching and I have been thinking A WHOLE LOT...

You know, we all have this "plan" in our mind, when we are younger, of how our life will turn out when we grow up. Absolutely NO WHERE in that plan did I think 29 and single would be in the same sentence.

Yet here I am. I've been single for almost 5 years now. I've dated a few guys here and there since the BIG break up (more on that to come in a later post) but only one to really call home about.

But I couldn't call home. He cares about me but "has a lot going."

Really, he's just trying to find himself and has a huge fear of becoming his father, who has a history of bad relationships and divorce. But the more he doesn't want to become him, the more I see him actually turning out just like him and it breaks my heart because he has so much potential (more on this later as well).

So back to square one for me.

Trying to find myself before I find Mr. Right. That's how it should be done, right?

29, single, no dating prospects. Trying to start a dance club at a high school I coach the colorguard at (marching band woohoo). Figuring out my career which I have a serious love/hate/depression relationship with.

I am an extremely passionate person throughout all aspects of my life. I throw myself heart first into anything and everything I do. Somehow, my friends think this "makes it easy" to be friends with me.

Dancing and teaching are my passions. I plan on exploring those to the ends of the earth. I am passionate about loving my family and friends and people I come in contact with.

This life is too short and too beautiful so I'm taking advantage and loving it until the very last drop.

I'm not feeling too good just yet. But I hope to get there. I WILL get there.

2012, you better watch out! <3

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