Thursday, July 12, 2012

friday's letters 9.0


and we're baaaaaaaaack! 

dearest nails, 
you were so pretty. why'd you have to go and chip?


dearest espn and other press of the like,
leave bob kraft alone. he was just helping out a friend! he's 71 and he's still got it and a sense of humor. i'm sure he still loves and misses myra and we all must move on!

dearest lobster, 
for a first, you weren't so bad! i may have to try you again :) 


dearest salt, 
your hanger steak was bangin'! and the mashed potatoes...yumyumyum. btw, you are completely right


dearest anthropologie dress,
you were a huge hit! so glad i finally got to wear you. now to get my dollar's worth. you will be worn many times, my friend! get readyyyy


dearest college friends,
you guys are truly the best! we always have such a blast! happy 10 years of knowing ya! 

i'm the tiny one in the back middle...should've been in the front...woops

dearest all of you,
you are beautiful inside and out. keep on truckin' 

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Nicholl Vincent said...

Love the nail color!

visit and say hello!


Megan said...

Those nails are adorable! I get so frustrated when mine chip!!