Monday, July 2, 2012


this weekend was a busy one that is for sure

teaching all weekend and seeing friends in between were the greatest (&only) parts! :) 

this weekend i came to realize a few things:

1.) i still love the boy who broke my heart but that's okay. he has a wonderful personality and we get along well when we interact. we haven't really been around each other for 5 years and now we teach together and i remember all the things i loved about him that i had forgotten. to love is the greatest even if we aren't loved back. there were always good time but sometimes you just aren't meant to be with someone even if you love them with all your heart

2.) my friends are the very very best. i'm sure you think yours are the best and they probably are. but mine....they are purely wonderful. it doesn't matter if it's been 2 days or 2 months since we've chatted last, it always feels like we're never apart for very long and i am thankful for that. i will always be there for them and them for me, this i know

3.) some of these people i teach with are a ton of fun and we have a lot in common. i mean really besides one person, i like them all

4.) i really like cheeseburgers, hot dogs and beer. there is nothing better than those 3 things on a hot summer day

5.) i don't like to eat a lot when it's hot outside. something about being outside and eating just doesn't sit well with me. now, this totally contradicts #4 but it is what it is! i just can't eat a lot outside when it is very hot, and i really love to eat a lot of summer foods

6.) now eating and drinking outside? these two go hand-in-hand for me! i never want to be outside if there isn't a beer/drink in my hand

7.) i've never been tanning in my entire life. i've only ever gotten dark from the sun and i believe somehow being tan makes me look and feel skinny but somehow i think i'm too tan...does that even make sense? i don't feel too skinny (i wish) but sometimes i look in the mirror and think i'm too dark

i'm a weirdo huh? that was just a lil bit of insight into the psyche of mine...scary huh? 

figure this is a pretty random post and i'll end it with a little pic of an outfit with my beautiful lace shorts! 


love love love these shorts. honestly, they were a great buy. only thing about them was they got a little big during the wear which is fine if they weren't already a bit big to start with but the next size down was just a little too snug, ya know?

but regardless, they will be worn many times! that mint top there, it's from h&m. i was told it was Blanch-y (like from golden girls)...ummmm WHAT?

do you think it is? do i have old lady clothes? a little self conscious over here...

help a sister out! 


Clara Turbay said...

it´s so great, love it all.

sirène said...

i love your lace shorts and really want my own pair but i haven't yet found anything in stores here... D: so frustrating(!)

and i still love the boy who broke my heart, too. but i have to stay away because he had also (on several occasions) tried to break my face. sucks when things fall apart but; such is life. it's great you two still get along though. sometimes, loving someone means letting them go.

Katie Ann said...

LOVE those shorts. Where are they from?? I'm battling through my own love issues now as well. Hang in there, it will all work out (at least that's what I keep telling myself)!

The Cavallaro's said...

I agree with all the above.... I absolutely ADORE those shorts! I definitely need to know where you got them!

And i'm sorry to hear about the guy who broke your heart! I can not even begin to imagine how it would feel to see him on a daily basis, let alone work that closely with someone! Do you guys team teach together or does he just work in your building? Team teaching with him would be the worst, so i'm hoping for the latter!

You definitely do NOT have old lady clothes! Love the whole outfit! :)

I am also a teacher and love following fellow teacher blogs!

Lindsay said...

Those shorts are adorable and that shirt is definitely not old lady-like.

What do you do for work? I mean I know you said you teach, but it's summer...?