Friday, July 6, 2012

friday's letters 8.0

let's get our dearest la dee da on....


dearest week,
you've been a dear with only 2 days of work. i love you! 

dearest next week,
on that note, i am not looking forward to you! :oP

dearest high-waisted shorts,
i've been rocking the heck out of you this week. i hope you don't mind! i wasn't too sure about you when i bought you back in april but i'm so glad i did. this relationship is a beautiful one and will last a loooooong time! 

dearest dad, 
i'm sorry someone stole the raybans that you gave me. but how great are you for getting me a new pair!? #bestdadintheworld #spoiledrotten

dearest spartans,
i will miss you this weekend. be good cherubs!

dearest car insurance,
the car was a total loss before you deemed it a total loss and you just saved me from the headache of having to deal with getting rid of that car. so thank you thank you thank you! now, please work on getting my deductible back. :) 

dearest otl, 
where the heck are you? are you already here and i just don't know? can you please get your fanny here asap if you aren't! geeeeeeezzzz

dearest new readers,
hi. :) if you don't already link up with ashley, you should!

dearest friday's letters,
even though sometimes you are silly, it's easy to write you and you are therapeutic. 

have a wonderful weekend sweets. it's gonna be a beaut! 


Kay Bee said...

I completely agree with your last comment! This was my first Friday's Letters and I must say it did feel great to get some things off of my chest!

Nicholl Vincent said...

i really want a pair of high waisted denim shorts!!


have a good one!