Friday, July 20, 2012

friday's letters 10.0


wow! 10 weeks of letters....i must say, i'm kind of proud of myself! 

link up! you know you want to :) 

dearest the dark knight rises, 
you were a good movie but can your midnight showings be at 10pm instead? i am tired today!

dearest victims from the CO shooting,
you are in my (and i'm sure many others) prayers

dearest week,
you were jam packed! something every night but monday. this makes me sound so cool but really i just teach most nights

dearest work,
you are getting busier, you're officially freaking me out!

dearest renewed friendship, 
while you are oh so wonderful and i am enjoying you so very much. i think i may be enjoying you a little too much. especially with the reminiscing. you were too easy to fall back into and way too easy remembering how it was with no hope for more in the future. do i keep the friendship or sever it before i get too deep?

dearest self,
you can do it. whatever your heart desires. live the life you imagined 

dearest followers, old & new,
hi :) and thank you for following, it makes me so happy to get any sort of comments and i love checking out your blogs! 

now go, link up! dooooooooooo it. you know you want to :) 

all the cool kids are doing it! 


Chloe said...

You can definitely do whatever your heart desires! It just sucks we have to convince ourselves of that. Happy weekend!


English Anderson said...

I'm sooooo jealous that you've already seen the Dark Knight Rises. It won't come out here until maybe next week, and that is pretty early for Germany! I say do what is right for right now...worrying about the future will just ruin the present!

Karen said...

Midnight is too late for me too these days. I'm not even sure I could do a 10pm show :)
Found you through the Friday Letters Link up. Have a great weekend! :)