Thursday, July 5, 2012

you look like the fourth of julyyyyy

makes me want a hot dog reaaaal bad!

(love this movie)

this 4th of july was busy and fun-filled for sure.


the week started off heading to make meaning. it's like adult arts and crafts time and TOTALLY worth it (more to come on this in a later post, too many pictures)

on tuesday, my kiddies had a band show in Bristol, RI, the 4th of july celebration capital and it was fun! afterwards i had drinks with some old friends that were in the area and it was a blast. i laughed and giggled and it was pure bliss and the owner even bought us some champagne to kick off the birthday celebration for america!



wednesday started slow, it was raining here and i got to sleep in (thank goodness!)
headed to the pool with some chicks and some cool dudes


then we headed out on the boat for some fireworks. obviously i was having too much fun and didn't snap many picture but here are a few anyway!

G      Untitled

pictures from either side of the boat at the exact same time (okay maybe a minute apart) 
how cool that it looks like two completely different times of day!


some beautiful fireworks to finish the night off; however, it only rained when the fireworks were going off, it was dry up until the first one in the sky and stopped right after the last one, figures mother nature! 


and quite honestly, i'm still in the mood for some red, white, and blue so i'm decked in it today! 


no white just yet, but i brought my sweater along just in case i feel a chill :) 

hope all you sweets had a lovely mid week holiday! here's to one day of work then a long weekend with a wedding! :) 


The Cavallaro's said...

Just stumbled across your blog... Looks like you had a great 4th of July holiday! Getting drinks with old friends is always a good time! Even better when you get champagne! Jealous of your boat fun, definitely wish I was on a boat for the holiday! Sorry to hear about that rain (especially during the fireworks! BOO!)

Hope you don't mind me following your blog :)

English Anderson said...

Sounds like an awesome 4th! And I think a boat ride would be the perfect way to spend the holiday. Love the pictures of both sides of the boat, it's crazy how different they are